Easter Revision Courses

Easter Revision – At ALT Consult we can prepare your child for all their important exams during their time at school by:

1) Intensive revision of the topics involved for each subjects. These will be generally and specifically for the problems individuals are experiencing.

2) Our tutoring will give your child the important skills they need to sit their examsand be confident in their ability to do well. To maximise learning we use accelerated learning techniques and Brain Gym® movements.

The Easter Revision course is a 6-day intensive course taken over the holidays. There are 2days of Maths, 2 of English and2 of Science. The children will be put into small groups depending on their exam level/age. The student can attend all 6 days (GCSE) covering all subjects for a minimum of 2 days(one subject) or for all 4 or 8 days for SATS for a minimum of 2 days (1 Subject)

We provide revision for the following exams:

  • SATS for primary (KS1, KS2)
  • Secondary school (KS3) – Pre GCSE
Day/ week beg Age Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1
GCSE Bank Holiday Maths Skills GCSE Maths Exam Practise GCSE English SkillsGCSE English SkillsGCSE
  SATS Bank Holiday MATHS (Year 6 & Year 2) MATHS (Year 6 &Year 2) ENGLISH (Year 6 &Year 2) ENGLISH (Year 6 &Year 2)
Week 2
GCSE Science Skills GCSE Science Exam Practise GCSE MATHS Consolidation ENGLISH Consolidation SCIENCE Consolidation
  SATS MATHS (Year 6 & Year 2) MATHS (Year 6 &Year 2) MATHS (Year 6 &Year 2) ENGLISH (Year 6 &Year 2)  
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